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How to buy

The procedure for purchasing goods in our online store is very simple and consists of several steps.

1. Checkout

After selecting the product, click the To Cart button - the product will be added to your cart.

Next, if you have finished choosing the product, click the your cart button.

The your cart page will list all your selected products.

In the Quantity field, you can change the quantity of the product to purchase. After changing the quantity of goods, click the Recalculate button to recalculate the total order amount.

In the Actions column, you can perform the following actions on each product: either remove the product from the basket, or postpone the product for the future.

You can also enter the discount code in the appropriate field.

2. Checkout & Confirmation

After entering the necessary information on the delivery of the goods (name of the recipient, delivery address, contact details, delivery option, payment method, etc.) to place an order, you need to click the Place an order button.

A copy of the order will be sent to your e-mail specified at checkout.

Warning! Incorrect phone number, inaccurate or incomplete address can lead to an additional delay! Please carefully check your personal data when registering and placing an order.

Some time later (usually within an hour) after the purchase is made, our manager will contact you with the contact information provided at checkout. It will be possible to agree on the exact time and delivery time with the manager, as well as clarify details.

Note : For regular customers on the stores website there is Registration . In your account you can view the contents of the basket, the history of your orders, as well as repeat or refuse the order, subscribe to the store newsletter.

3. Payment and prices

The prices indicated on the website are final and do not require additional payments under standard conditions of delivery. All taxes are included in the price of the product.

Attention! For each individual order, only one payment method of your choice is possible. Payment of the order in parts in various ways is not possible.

Possible payment methods:

  • Cash Settlement .
    Payment is made in cash to the courier upon delivery or in the store for pickup. The goods and cashiers checks, as well as the warranty card, are transferred along with the goods.
  • Payment through Sberbank .
    You can pay for the order at any branch of Sberbank. From 3 to 7% of the order value will be taken from you for the money transfer service, depending on the region. Money transfer will take about 10 days.

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